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History … reduex

What was it….. I think it was the Orleans and London Avenue canals that had its retaining walls pushed out during Katrina? I seem to remember it being those two but let me recap what I am babbling about.

We all remember Katrina and how New Orleans flooded. Now something about the geography of New Orleans. It sits BELOW and BETWEEN a huge arse lake and the huge arse Mississippi river. BELOW and BETWEEN……like a city size punch bowl.

Now Katrina didn’t dump a lot of water on New Orleans. Not so much as any other hurricane and if it had just been that then things might have been very different for New Orleans. What Katerina did do was PUSH a whole hell of a lot of water into the New Orleans canal system. One particular canal, the industrial canal, was over come with a type 3 equivalent surge that capped the canal walls and spilled onto the ground holding the foundation. As you can guess water washed away the ground and with nothing else holding the wall up it……promptly fell…..flooing down town New Orleans.

The one-two combo on Katrina was the previous two canals I mentioned. It seems that when the Army core of Engineers build those two canals they didn’t seem to do much with the soil. This very sand soil with clay on top. This sand rich soil was no match against type 1 equivalent surge that raced down the canals. And as the water NEVER reached the top of the canal walls it merely pushed them….like you would a toy bulldozer pushes sand in a sand box.

Well, you should know me by now. I usually don’t bring stuff up unless there is a reason. And had it not been for an article that came out last May, then I might not be alarmed. But then I looked at the weather report. And I started reading about how tropical storm Gustav is going to become hurricane Gustav. And then I read how hurricane Gustav is going to be a level three hurricane. And then I said to myself…..”Self, I wonder where this level three hurricane is heading”. Glad I asked myself as this is what I found.

Um… quote Braveheart on this one “The god lord tells me can get me out of this one but he tells me, you’re fvcked!”


Ron Paul was quoted and immediately laughed at when he said our economy is in a bad shape and will get worse before it gets better. He was talking about the debt minded spending and poor monetary policy of the United States and the citizens there of.

He mentioned that we failed to learn the lessons of the past of risky spending, risky lending, and dept spending. Nay only 18 years ago did we face a similar situation when the real estate industry had over spent their supply capital and met diminished demand. Banks buckled because they lent money to capitalist that talked a good game but didn’t have the market to back their pitch. Rather than listen to their senses, the banks listened to sales pitches.

The capitalist got what they deserved. They failed to analyze the market correctly and they lost…….but rather than allow the FREE MARKET system to work, i.e. purging the inefficient capitalist from the market. The US government established aid from the treasury.

Now 18 years later here we are again. People who should NOT have been loaned money to buy a house, got exactly that. Banks that should have NOT lent sub-prime to people at EXREME risk, did. When the first little tiny itty bitty tencie wencie hic up in the economy happened (gasoline prices) those people at risk fell, the banks got soaked…….and then again we [THE GOVERNMENT] came in and saved the day.

In the word of substance addiction that called BEING THE ENABLER

Of course what could you expect? People are increasingly converting to the “entitlement” mentality. It’s the same thing that happened to the Greek Republic and to the Roman Republic. It comes in cycles. Death of a Republic comes not from out side the walls…….but from within.

Suzanna Gratia-Hupp

I love this woman

Talking Heads

Sofa King Retarded

Who wants to go see Tropical Thunder? I do but if I was Suzanne Shepherd, of the local Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas (DSACT), I would be up in arms.

Now what in flying cow crap does this have to do with anything? OH! I am so glad I asked myself! Retarded…..that’s the reason. non-retarded people said the word retarded and retarded people are mad that non-retarded people said retard because saying retarded is like…um…a form of social retardation and not considering the feelings of retarded people when non-retarded people say the word…”retarded”.

So now its retarded vs. non-retarded and what an awesome UFC fight that would be!

Now if I can have my little five seconds to talk about mean and nasty names. It’s like this folks. People can and will say some mean stuff. Really mean, mean enough to make you sad or even make you cry a little. See….people say this mean stuff to get you to feel bad about yourself. Why they say this mean stuff is anyones guess and it really doesn’t matter if little Johnny hates his mother and his father doesn’t love him anymore. What matters is that you let someone hurt you. You let your image of yourself become a weapon against you. And really, that truly is the problem.

Trying to prevent people from calling you names because it hurts you is avoiding the real problem. Be black, white, gay, straight, American, Mexican, normal, or retarded. What you are is who you are. It makes up who you are in your experiences and your journey to succeed in life no matter what hand you are dealt. You cannot let yourself be marginalized by someone that is, frankly, ignorant of who you are.

Humor is such a powerful, powerful weapon against intolerance and ignorance. When you can learn to laugh at yourself. When you can learn to laugh at the words of hate laden speech then the hurt stops. The words become void of the value they had. The words fall and you stand tall.

What this movie is about? Its about laughing. What the DSACT and Suzanne is about? I’m pretty sure is publicity. What is my motivation for my gratuitous and tasteless barrage of the word retarded? Simply to point out how retarded getting upset over a word is just so absolutely…..retarded

I cannot express the importance I place on my children’s safety. I don’t mean the little cuts and bruises of being a care free child. No, I mean the safety of my children from the real life monsters of this world. Kid f&ckers for another term…

Now these little perverts are one of the few people on this Earth that set my hair on end and teeth snarled. I honestly don’t see how I could control myself in the presence of one of them. I would probably lose it and not feel guilty for what I would do. Mortal enemies would be the word for it.

ANYHOW! I found this excellent blog that is spreading around the Krav Maga community. Its a blog that helps track these scum, raises awareness, and provides literature on how to spot a child rapist. It has a lot more and I encourage you…..maybe even I’ll beg a little. Read the site

Oh…and a word to for you cowards. Know that people trained in hand to hand combat are looking for you.

We did breaks from a guillotine choke today in class. I’ve done them before when I was in the level one class. My Krav Maga center likes to mix level one and level two stuff into the level one class. So here its the level two class and I am practicing a move I have some experience in before.

So I show my training partner how to do it (remember we “technically” have not learned this yet). Whack to the groin, elbow to the face, break the lock, pivot, stand, base the arm on your shoulder, slide the attackers hand in two a wrist lock, and take the SoB down. Simple and I impress my training partner with my speed and accuracy.

Now he gets to practice!

I put him in the guillotine lock he whacks my cup and then *CRUNCH*

My ears are ringing and he stops for a split second. I say split second because if you pause when I am training with you then I WILL attack you and make you hurt a little.

My two rules are 1) always finish and 2) never apologize

Well, after my ego filled explanation on how to do this move I put my guillotine choke on and my instructor, who I think is aware of my progress is giving me a nod of approval and then…like a dumb ass…I bask in the glory and not pay attention what is going on. I paid for with with a solid elbow to my jaw.

I heard the crunch, then the ringing, then my head hurt a little, saw some spots……but I kept going like nothing happened. When my training partner finished the move he made it worse by asking if I was ok. So of course everyone wants to know and he is freaking telling everyone.

I did get a little lucky. Usually when someone gets hurt the instructor will stop the class and review the safety precautions for the 100th time. This time I think he knew that I know them and I was just a super idiot and I deserved to eat elbow. He didn’t call me out with a talk about shop safety.

Just a side thought….if you ever wondered how much force you need to take someone down with a good elbow to the jaw/chin……..its not much. Not much at all

The first level of Krav Maga (or a Yellow belt student) is to first learn about a correct stance. Learning how to stand might seem silly but a lot of how you defend your self comes from how you stand. Think about standing with your feet together…how well do you think you can keep your balance with an aggressor attacking you. You’d fall over in a heart beat. Then the same goes for standing with your legs way to far apart! You might be able to keep your balance but a counter attack or even defending yourself is near impossible, not to mention you are wide open for a shot to the groin.A good stance lets you keep your balance, react to attacks, prevents you from tripping over you feet, and lets you burst(move)in different direction.

We also learn the basics of punching, open hand strikes, several different kicks, and defenses against just about every type of choke. You think a punch is just a punch and a kick is just a kick. Not so, punching correctly lets you minimize the damage done to you as you punch while optimizing the damage done to your attack. You also learn that punching correctly actually conceals your punch so that it is much harder to defend against. An untrained puncher will swing his/her arm out and parallel to the ground making a huge, wide swinging, and very noticeable movement.

As for kicking, its amazing how underutilized a kick is during a street fight. Speaking from experience, an average street fighter only uses a kick when the opponent is half way, or all the way on the ground. Basically it is not used until the attacker/defender realizes that their opponent is in front of their leg and doesn’t pose a threat to their face.

In Krav Maga we learn that it is a weapon that should be used first, in total contradiction to what an untrained fighter is going to use. We learn how to kick correct to add maximum power with extreme training on keeping our balance and choosing how our stance is going to develop from there. For example are we going to kick and recoil, going back to our original position. Or do we kick and progress to an advancing stance. Its all based on the stimuli and how your opponent reacts as well as how well you placed the kick and the power behind it.

Sounds silly? Six months of training on kicking? Well concider that when I first started I could barely get my leg high enough to kick someones knee. Not to mention the big bag, which I could hardly kick. Now……now when I kick it can be from your knee all the way to your throat. And the power I have behind it is enough to knock the bag over. To give you an idea on how hard it is to knock over one of those big bags, you would have to have a grown man run at full speed and slam into the bag. He would have a 50%~50% of knocking it over. If you ever get a chance try it out.

ANYWHO, we did other stuff such as chokes, head locks, and ground work. The ground work was how to get up while keeping your defense up. How to throw an opponent while they are on top of you. How to defend from advance while on the ground. I do it disservice to gloss over it but I need to move on to the actual test.

<.. On second thought I am going to break this up into two posts..>

MY BAD!  I got all the e-mails, all the nasty IM and text messages…..I get the picture. Get off my arse and start writing again.

So I am going to jump back into “it” again. I set reminders on my outlook (e-mail program) to remind me every morning to write a post.

Oh my sides hurt!

Here’s a good video that I want to share

Uncle Jay

A new link for you folks. It Uncle jay explains the news! This site has me in stitches at times and I think the guy is local to my area.

UNCLE JAY, explains the new

Category Observed Goal % to Goal
Calories 661 2000 33%
Total Fat 28 65 43%
Saturated Fat 10 20 50%
Cholesterol 40 300 13%
Sodium 1178 2400 49%
Total Carbohydrates 81 300 27%
Dietary Fiber 10 25 40%
Sugar 10 50 20%
Protein 35 50 70%
Water Consumed 3/4 of a Gallon 1 Gallon 75%
Minutes of Exercise 0 60 Minutes 0%
Calories Burned 0 ? 0%

Summary: I was sick on Saturday. Yesterday was mostly about recovery.

I’m a loser

So far I have lost 15 pounds! I dipped below 180 for the first time in ….well…..since I was a teenager. I gained a lot of weight when I was married to my ex. A lot of it was depression weight since I had the supreme lack of will to do anything. My blubber Zenith hit 195lb and that is when I told myself that this is it. I simply cannot continue to live this way.

So I told  you about joining the Krav Maga gym as a way to help my son with his karate. A side goal was for me to lose weight. The problem I was having is that I talked a good game. “Oh yeah, I’ll do this, that, and the other thing and presto” I would say to my wife. Then I would promptly watch a movie and forget about the whole thing.

I even joined the company gym and was a regular for like……a whole week! Come to find out that like most people the goal of losing weight to reach x pounds is just to elusive. You might be in the same boat on this but have you told yourself “I’ll lose 20 pounds” and there is no real connection to that goal. Like its just a number and there is no emotional retainer to it?

Well, I am doing Krav Maga as a way to goal set and put some weight (punny) behind it. See, have you ever started in something and wished that you weren’t the new guy? Wished that you were better at something? That is the way I feel with Krav Maga, I don’t want to be a yellow belt. I want to try for the higher belts. I want to become good at this!

So I have three methods of attack on this….by the way, see what I mean. Attaching my emotional wants to this has helped me bring this goal into my sphere of control. I am now making plans to reach this goal that I want badly….the goal is Green Belt in Krav Maga, and my weight is not the goal. The weight is simply the means to my goal.

Sorry, back to how I am going to get my Green Belt. First, attend Krav Maga class every chance I get. This ensures that I get my physical exercise and gives me the hands-on time I need to perfect my training.

Second, Losing weight through a proper diet. This plan will help me subtract negative compounds and chemicals in my nody. This allows my body function correctly as time goes on. Where love handles hindered my movement before, I hope to lose them in the future to free my range of motion.

Third, better fuel through proper diet [yes, two sub goals with one category of strategy]. See increase my consumption of the minerals and vitamins that I need helps my body function correctly. It also helps my development, like having all the right fuels for muscles development and making sure I don’t have excess’ [sugar] that can be burned before I have a chance to start burning fat. Fiber is another good example! Good fiber intake help my absorption of hydrating fluids. This is crucial to proper cooling during long work outs…..say for a certain three hour green belt test!?

So all of this is starting to work for me. I am losing weight I am now able to find stuff. Like being able to look down and see my…….uh…..feet. I’ve been working out but now I really need to bring my diet into check. To help with this I signed up for my calorie counter. Its a fantastic little tool that allows you to keep track of the foods you eat and their nutritional contents. Their database on foods is fairly robust and what I could not find on their site only took a single Google search to get the break down.

From here on out I’ll try to post a daily summary of the previous days intake. What I hope to do is to show how I lost my weight and maybe inspire a few readers to do the same.

OH! I also put a weight lose counter on the side of the blog. I don’t put a lot of stock into BMI but it is a widely accepted index. My target weight should be 140 (I say 160) and I started at 195. So keep track of that and my food summary and lets see where this thing goes. Green Belt I hope!

Constitution Blog

I am adding a new blog to my blogroll list. Its called Constitution blog and it is written by a college of mine in the liberty movement by the name of Jon Roland. Now I typically jest that Jon Roland can put you to sleep. Yet, to be fair and frankly honest,  he brings up clear and concise discussion about civil and criminal law in regards to the constitution all in the light of classical liberal philosophy.

For those of you Republicans that get hung up on the word liberal….its what Thomas Jefferson was before the word liberal was attached to socialism. Orwell warned you… failed to listen.

Further more Jon doesn’t people to sleep. So if you are reading this Jon then you have it in writing and you can shake your finger at me and remind me about the blog.

Please check out his blog, read as much as you can, comment frequently, and let him know how much of a snooze fest his blog is, but remember to thank him for teaching you about civics!

Nothing…..that is actually what I felt and heard when I ran over a rabbit leaving the house today. I thought that maybe a little bump like a low speed bump or something. Nope! nothing.

It was a quick death before all you PETA freaks skin me alive and wear me for a coat. The rabbit, for reasons unknown, decided to bolt across the street. I didn’t see him, and lets be fair, or her until it was too late. All the weight of my truck was brought down to his/her little rabbit head. It happened in less than a fraction of a second. The timing was, ironically, perfect for a quick bunny death. I don’t even think the Texas Death Row has a quicker and more humane method of death.

So this brings my road kill stats up to: Frog, squirrel, a bird (yes, for real), and now a rabbit.

No card carrying members of PETA were harmed in the making of this post……but they should have been.

I picked up this little test over at Tam’s place. Don’t asked me how I rank so high, I really did answer everything honestly.


As a 1930s husband, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!


0-24 – Very Poor (Failure)
25-41 – Poor
42-58 – Average
59-75 – Superior
76+ – Very Superior

Pee fingers!

Does anyone else find it disturbing that some people answer their cell phones while in the rest room? I for one do….find it disturbing that is! I think it is gross! Do you (if you are one of the people that do this) realize that we can hear you and other people doing their business. Frankly when I am discussing quarterly business performance I don’t want to hear the guy in the next stall going in a full out blitz to clean his colon.

And I am going to spend the rest of my days know that the cell phone is never going to get washed. Yeah, that’s right! You may wash your hands after you spray down the urinal but does your cell phone get sanitized? The answer….. NO. No it does not! And you know what!? About five second after you walk out the restroom you are reaching for that phone again, assuming you ever put it away. Now all that funk is back on your hands and just waiting for you to run head long into a spear like attack in an attempt to shake my hand.

Then you are going to stand in my office smearing your hands all over my desk…..your pee hands, all over my desk. Did you learning nothing of Athens! Hygiene is paramount in cramped and crowed spaces. My god I work with crazed feces throwing baboons. Why even come into the office dressed and hair combed? Screw it! Really! I mean you totally cannot respect anyone else. Why give us the curtesy of business dress code. Just come into work in your scooby-doo PJ’s and a wicked case of bed head.

Hell, just bring you breakfast too! Plop down in the middle of the hall way and slurp your frosted flakes as  your read your god damn comics! Why, for the love of a civilized society, should you even give a damn about common courtesy. And you might as well relief yourself in the corner, you’ve shown  you can’t even take time out of your life to dress yourself on our behalf…..go for it all! Just completely abandon the last threads of what makes us top of the animal hierarchy. Just start eating your own children you horrible animal! Wander these lands in a primary driven lust for the basics of the Maslow hierarchy!

Piss on all the accomplishments and standards we set for civilized human behavior! PEE BOY! ARG!




Happy Monday everyone!

Found a new site

I am on page nineteen. 🙂

Happy now!

OK MATT! I POSTED! Now get off my ass!

It has been a while….

Busy times, not a lot of free time to blog. Or sit down and collect my thoughts! my neighbor is going back to Iraq. Before he left he wanted to finish some projects around his house. I pitched in as much as I could. We built a fence for his back yard that is about 150′ long if stretched out in a line. We also built a deck for his wife (again for the back yard). We also managed to build him a little parking lot for all of his cars. He has a whole mess of restored cars he fixes. And finally we fixed his septic line to his drain field pumps.

To top all of that off I built my own fence, at 100′ down the front of my property. Its a lot of work and I am drained of enthusiasm for any other projects that spring up. Not to mention I got a wicked sun burn! I usually don’t get sunburn bad being a sun child and all but this one has me AWOL from my Krav Maga classes. I rarely miss class!

Last time I got burned anywhere close to this is when I turned 20. My friends took me to one of the thousands rivers down here, Comel is the name of it I think. We lathered on the sunscreen and hoped in the innertubes and went a float. Some where between the beer, bikini’s, and other party favors I lost the sun screen (rubbing on the tube or something). Twelve hours later I am in pain and later that night I go to the E.R. I kid you not!

My skin was starting to bubble and fill with fluid! I was in agony….what would you have done? Anywho, the doctor just about smacked me with his clip board and told me I had voluntary second degree burns from the blazing sun and my amazing stupidity.

To this day I do not having a lot of feeling on my shins and I can wear shorts in winter and not be phased. Cute little story huh? That’s what you get Matt, for pestering me. The bubble skin story! Now go back to work before I drop another load of “To-Do” on your desk. I don’t pay you to read my blog you little bastard.

Tell the wife “hello” for me

Ideal weight range is 146 – 160.6 lbs. (66.4 – 73 kg.).
You are overweight by 19.4 lbs. (9 kg.).

Why do you need to know this? I’ll tell you why and don’t act all surprised. You knew I was going to say that!

At the hight my flabbery I hit 195 lbs. For my height and body frame that is thirty five pounds over weight. That makes me technical obesity! that freaked me out!

I know everyone has that story “Yeah, I was 155 and all muscle” but I really was. I spent 99% of my time outdoors doing stuff. Then I started working in the corporate world, got my ex wife pregnant, had a kid, got divorced, did the rediscovering life thing, met my wife, got her pregnant, got married, did the kid thing all over again……*poof* land whale.

So I decided to do something about it and it happens to align when my son was getting frustrated with karate. I decide to start doing Krav Maga to help him with his motivation and to help me with my growing back side.

Almost four months later I went from 195 lbs. to 180 lbs.! I lost fifteen freaking pounds! I have twenty more to go and I haven’t really set a date. I just might stick to five pounds a month since it seems like a steady number to me. Still, this is exciting for me. The first time in almost a decided that I have started to lose weight. No….I didn’t lose anything. I WON weight!

I am winning my weight goal, I am winning my muscle tone goal, I won my endurance goal, and I am just happy all around.

So that is the reason for the ideal body weight thing at the top of this post.

I think I told you but in case I didn’t I’ll force  you to read the boring story.

Last year we bought El Rancho de Braco on April 13th….Friday the 13th. I pushed for the date so don’t think it fell on our closing date by chance. Yes, I do have a dark streak of humor. For the first month the A/C worked great.

May of last year was also very rainy and thus very cool. It wasn’t until June rolled around that it got hot. That is when we found out our A/C stopped working. We tried for a month, in vain, to get the A/C to cool the house. Then by chance I happened to be leaning against the house after doing some laborious task and felt cool air flowing from under the house. So I hopped into the crawl space and started looking around. I discovered that a thirteen inch piece of my duct work was missing. well not really since I looked on the ground and found it in pieces. I also noticed claw marks and bit marks. Dogs have been known to find some cool dark place to give birth to their puppies. And there are a lot of dogs in my area.

K, so now you know the history. Fast forward a year and it is starting to get hot again. Real hot. Already hitting one hundred degree’s and it May hot. Like oh sh!t this is going to be a crappy summer kind of hot. So I decided to do something about it.

I searched high and low for duct material. Home Depot and Lowes did not have what I need. Wifey called ever A/C place in town, out of town, above town, below town, and some random people just for fun. Nothing!

So I get frustrated and decide its time to make my own. I got two 30″ X 26″ pieces of sheet metal, A/C caulk, twelve carriage bolts. I also called my buddy Brandon over who happens to be a military aircraft mechanic. i.e. knows a thing or two about fabricating parts from metal.

A bend here, a cut there, some caulk there and presto! I have a replacement part for my A/C duct system. Then another hour or so as we cover ourselves in fiberglass but its done and for the first time in a year the A/C gets cranked on! Its a little weak and not as cold as I would like but a day or so later the A/C guy comes out. He gave a thumbs up on my repairs, added three pounds of $180 freon to my system and left. It cools a little better but it is going to be a hot summer. I think we still need some window units to help cool the house.

Either that or I need to build a roof with an attic, re insulate the walls with good insulation, and get better siding for the house.


So it happened…..I’m a year older. Twenty nine now and just one year away from thirty. My one gray hair turned to nineteen over night. My back is sore, my stomach is sore, my arms are sore …… oh wait I know why. *ahem*

Uh…yeah so. Yup………………….*sigh*

Been searching Craigslist for an hour looking for a walker. Might was well be prepared.

Well here it is folks! Say goodbye to nasty ugly carpet and say hello to the new dining room floor! It’s tons easier to clean too! From dust to big chunks of food that escapes our little human wood chipper. Easy-peasy-crunchueasy! Just scoot it all into one corner with the swiffer and then into the dust pan.

Plus the dining room feel comfy now. Before it was a room of over powering white. Now it has richer tones that kind of wrap the room around you. Rather than make you feel like a stranger in a sanitarium. Even the wifey has picked up her laptop and works from there most of the time now.

I admit that this month has been a little dry on the postings. Deal with it man! Its summer and that is when I go out and play in the sun. Disc golf, climbing, camping, caving, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking……yup. All stuff I do during the summer…..six years ago.

Now I lay down new dining room floor for fun. The work slowed down as I realized that I had not sanded the floor before we laid down some of the faux hardwood planks. Lucky for me I happen to have a belt sander and after an hour or so we had a sanded floor. Gripping isn’t it!

We had about six box fans all aimed at the window. Still….all that sanding dust managed to get in the air, settle on everything, and give everyone in the house a major case of congestion. Our Cute Little Girl [The CLG] is mighty pissed off in this picture. Not only is she having to wait on the side lines but she is tired of all this work. There she is [picture on the right] whining it up to mommy.

I got you another money shot here. This time without the CLG and all the other stuff. Kind of gives you an idea of what the floor will look like. If you can, Imagen an off white carpet with nasty black stains in it. You know the kind they put in cheap apartments. That is what this room used to look like.

Anywho, it looks like we are almost done here so I’ll let you look at the pictures and you can bask in the glory that is our work. 😛

The family had some of our stolen money (Tax Return) given back to us. So we invested in some mutual bonds. Kidding… we actually diversified our stock portfolio. KIDDING! No for real we paid off some of our standing debt.! *giggle*

Seriously, we decided to re-do our dining room floor. My daughter still has trouble shoveling food into her mouth. Its either ALL going in her mouth at once or ALL going on the floor at once. Carpet + Food = Funky moldy spot.

Enough, say we, for we shall march forth from this humble abode and seek new flooring *sound trumpets*!

At first I wanted hardwood floors. I love hard wood floor. I like the sound when you walk on it, I like the look of it, I like telling people that I have hard wood floors. But I don’t like the price…no….don’t like the price at all. Even engineered hardwood floors is like $3.90 a square foot. Dining room: 1,200 sqft * $3.90 = $468. I’m not going to slap down $500 for a new dining room floor.

Then there is laminate at $1.98 * 1,20 sqft = $237.60. It’s a better price but you know what happens to your Wal-Mart coffee table? Over time the finish wears out and you have those white spots that poke through! Its that compresses paper/wood stuff and it just looks funky. So I really don’t want my floor doing that either.

Then I found these Vinyl “wood” planks that are self-adhesive at .97 a sqft. So 120 sqft * .97 = $116.40. Wow! These things are going to last forever (the planks, not sure about the adhesive), cheap, and they look like real wood.

I loaded up the cart with seven boxes of the stuff and mowed down some old granny on my way to the check out line. Sorry Mrs. Henderson! I promise to cut your yard all summer.

So the wifey and I pulled up the funky carpet. Removed the carpet tack strips and spent several hours popping out nails and staples from when some lazy contractor/previous owner had stapled down some linoleum that apparently runs through out the house. This linoleum lurks under our current flooring as we find out later.

And then we begin!

I am….

Feeling goofy today

Meet my new telescope….when it arrives that is…..a full two weeks before the “ex” would have

Celestron PowerSeeker 127 EQ Telescope

I called up and let them know to cancel my order!

Look, it said free shipping. There was not special writing, no asterisks by “free shipping”, no special markings. Trust me I am pretty anal when it comes to looking for little “gotcha’s” but this was condition free. That is the who reason why I placed the order with! let’s face it. When you are talking to someone like me I expect you to live up to your word or to established expectations. In this case it was both as they SAID free shipping and did not clearly or unclearly indicate a special condition. In fact it was totally absent in this case.

After the series of events on Monday, the apathetic attitude of Jon the customer [no]service representative and this constant feeling that I was really pissed at being lied too I just had to cancel the order. There was no way I could enjoy the product with that type of taint on the experience.

Oh man I am still reeling from the BS attitude I got….yeah, it really does make me up set. The SoB chastised me for not looking through 19 pages of literature to find one little sentence. Up your dude! If you want to do business you need to be clear and upfront on how you are going to conduct yourself.

So I swung over to That is Telescope with an S at the end, yes that makes it plural. I did a quick buying wizard and found a telescope that is just slightly less powerful than the StarBlast BUT has a tripod AND is $100 less!

I loaded that into my shopping cart and not only is in stock (something that can’t say) but shipping REALLY is free with this company. So the scope is on order and should get out to El Rancho de Braco by the 13th, was going to ship on the 19th.

Competitive shopping for the win!!!

Done! I placed the order just now…

I got a few of you smacking me upside the head and telling me to buy the StarBlast. “You want to down grade over a tri-pod” one person wrote. A few other well placed comments also motivated me move on the StarBlast.

So I placed the order for the telescope, a 2x Barlow lens, and a moon filter which makes my order will over $250. Now the company I ordered from is, which for this week being national astronomy week, has free shipping. Free shipping….cool huh! Shipping is free for all order over $250, which is my order!

So I plow through the order process, enter in the promo code for free shipping and *click*….my order is placed. So there I am, all sweaty for spending so much money all on one place when I noticed that the shipping is $50.

WTF! Free shipping for astronomy week sure is not suppose to look like $50 on a invoice. So I work my fingers on the telephone and pull up Jon for customer service. He proceeds to tell me that he can take off some of the shipping but since it is an over sized item that I will get charge $35 or something.

Again, WTF! has it clear on their website that shipping is free. There is no crazy little cross, or asterisks, or marks of any kind that says there is a special condition. Reviewing that statement Jon agreed but stuck to his guns that he could only rebate the shipping and not the heavy. He then went on to tell me that if I noticed a tiny little icon somewhere on the page where the telescope was (not the order page but the specs for the telescope) I would have noticed an “oversized” decal. Then had I known to visit the customer [dis]satisfaction page I would have been informed that special shipping waivers doing apply to oversized packages.

Well…..if I had known that maybe I might have done with which is a totally different company and maybe they can man up to their promotions. So far my experince with (without the s) is crappy. Its not so much the money, which telling the truth I would rather have $50 then not have it, but its being deceived like that. Lets see how the telescope fairs out….

Yours truly and a little grumpy, HCB

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